The best heists to play in GTa 5

There are a total 6 heists in GTA 5 which you should take a look at and definitely play at least once. Here are the top 6 heists in GTA 5. 

The Bureau Raid 

Enter the heist being a firefighter. You need to plant a bomb in the building and also at the same time, being Michael you have to steal your hard drive. 

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The Merryweather 

Here you need to steal a hightech military weapon. Being Franklin you need to shoot all the guards with a sniper and then plant bombs and get the secret military weapon. 

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The Blitz Play 

This heist might need a lot of preparation but is totally worth it. You need stuff like a mask, a getaway vehicle and a tow truck. 

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The Paleto Score

Here you need to rob a Bank in Paleto. This is also regarded as one of the most epic gun fight scenes in the game. Here you have full body armor and a machine gun which is literally unstoppable. 

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The Jewel Store Job 

The first ever heist in the game. This heist has got a great chase. Once you've stolen the jewelry store, now you have to get rid of a lot of cops. 

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The Big Score 

As the name suggests, it is the biggest one in the whole game. Here you have to steal gold worth millions. It is also regarded as the dream heist of Michael, Trevor and Lester.

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