the best horror games to play and have a spooky halloween

It's the spooky season guys, and you must feel a little afraid when you are alone at home. So here are the perfect games to create that atmosphere for you and bring horrors right into your mind. 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

This game gives out some gothic feels as it's set in London of the 1830s. It's like a nightmare where you cannot fight back once you are in hold of monsters. 

Credit: The Dark Descent 

Project Zero 3

If you are into Japanese horror this ones a perfect one for you. It follows a story of a photographer mourning the death of her fiance.  If that isn't enough, she is also haunted by a spirit. 

Credit: Zero 3

Alien: Isolation

One word, Awesome! This ones a sci fi horror where you have to find out what happened in the first alien movie. 

Credit: Isolation

Haunting Ground

 Another entry from Japan and this one is really spooky.  The surroundings are just enough to creep you out. 

Credit: Ground

Eternal Darkness

From Nintendo, this is a psychological horror game released on the game cube. Here you can take the avatars of over a dozen different characters. 

Credit: Darkness

Layers of Fear

Here most of the scenes are weird to a point that you would really drop it right in the middle of the mission. 

Credit: of Fear

Forbidden Siren 2 

Sirens are spirits in Japanese mythology, and hence another epic Japanese horror in our list.   Here you have to rely heavily on stealth in order to get yourself out from a mysterious island.

Credit: Siren 2 

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