The Best Metroid Games of All Time

These are the most liked Metroid games of all time. This list is taken from the Nintendo Life ratings where players themselves have rated their favorite ones in the series. 

Metroid prime: Federation Force 

This might seem to be a simple one while playing solo, but when you get into a multiplayer mode you get to enjoy every bit of it. 

Credit: prime: Federation Force 

Metroid Other M

This game introduced us to power ups available in 2D games. Also the combat in this game is pretty good, along with some really cool boss battles. 

Credit: Metroid Other M

 Metroid Prime Pinball

This one all though is similar to other pinball games, but is also considered to be the best one of nintendo. 

Credit: Metroid Prime Pinball

Metroid II: Return of Samus 

This is the original gameboy Metroid 2.  This one is an ambitious game which gives its player a fully explorable world. 

Credit: II: Return of Samus 


Another original one is the NES Metroid. The most freeing game in the series where you explore the game and also take down two bosses. 


Metroid: Samus Return 

This one was on 3DS and brought back the core franchise back to life. This game is considered to be the evolution for the franchise. 

Credit: Samus Return 

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 

Here the shooters are much better with gyro and it feels too natural to point right at the screen and move while also shooting.

Credit: Prime 3: Corruption 

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