Best games Releasing on Playstation, Xbox, and Pc in October 2021 

October is here, and with the new month, comes a lot of new excitement. Here are the top 7 games to be released in the month of October. 

Hell Let Loose 

This one is a first person shooter set during the events of world war 2. This has a real time strategy game built over with great visuals. 

Credit: Let Loose 

Metroid dread 

This will continue most of the stuff from its previous parts, with a few new ideas and strength. This series has done great before. Let's hope this will be an epic trip again. 

Credit: dread 


This time it has some of the greatest additions in the game, along with mechanical changes This game lets you create a team in career mode. 

Credit: 22

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes 

It's a survival horror interactive game based on games like Man of Dawn and Little Hope. Taking place in the Iraq war of 2003 where instead of humans they have to fight monsters. 

Credit: Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes 

 Mario Party superstars 

This has got a bunch of remade maps from the Nintendo 64 era. Also with that, this game will have 100 plus mini games in it. 

Credit: Mario Party superstars 

Riders Republic 

It's a multiplayer sports game, where you have to compete against 50 other opponents. Here you can do skiing, snowboarding, mountain and many other adventure sports stuff. 

Credit: Republic 

Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy 

This game has got great action and a great story. Let's hope good with this game, as The Avengers couldn't do well.

Credit:'s Guardian of the Galaxy 

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