The Best properties you can buy in GTA V Online 

GTA Online gives you a world to explore and live in, here you can customize your belongings  and also have modes to keep players busy. But the best things are the properties you can buy.

Grapeseed Document Forgery Office

This one was added to the Bikers update.  With a DarkNet marketplace called The Open Road, this place office is the cheapest property but which will also give you maximum rate later.


Elysian Island Nightclub

This property  can easily turn around to be a worthy investment and is also a cheap property to buy in the game. 


Wonderama Arcade

Costing  $1,565,000, this one is among the newer types of properties added to GTA Online.  Here the floor plan has got  alot of arcade machines. with managers office.


LSIA Hangar 1

This one is a garage available to store a lot of vehicles. You can also use the hangar to store airborne vehicles. 


Maze Bank Tower

This building is one of the most desired building for office that can be purchased in the game. 


The Master Penthouse

The penthouse includes four packages, where one package allows the player to customize their penthouse in whatever way they like. 


Galaxy Super Yacht Pisces Model

This Super Yacht comes with various features that vary per model.  But they all have a large bridge along with three individual decks.


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