The best skins in Fortnite chapter 2 season 5

Fortnite chapter 2 season 5 introduced multiple different crossovers that brought new skins along with them. From the Mandalorian to Snake Eyes, here are the best skins of fortnite chapter 2 season 5

The Mandalorian

The popular Disney+ Show 'The Mandalorian' had an amazing crossover in Fortnite as a Boss battle in the game and quickly became a fan favorite

Credit: YouTube/IGN


Kratos coming to Fortnite was a huge win on Epic Games’ part. Players constantly joked about how Xbox users will finally get to play as Kratos.

Credit: YouTube/IGN


Lexa is inspired by Japanese Manga. She has 3 different cosmetic styles and is a popular part of the Season 5 Battle Pass

Credit: YouTube/Flad


The GrefG skin is arguably the most popular skin of Season 5. The streamer broke the Twitch concurrent viewership record while revealing this skin to the world.

Credit: YouTube/David Banzhof


Predator was yet another big collaboration that was a part of Season 5. The iconic Hunter impressed the fans almost instantly

Credit: YouTube/IGN

Terminator and Sarah Connor

The dreadful T-800 also makes an appearance alongside Sarah Connor with the Terminator Crossover in Fortnite Season 5

Credit: YouTube/IGN

VI Skin

The Vi skin is available with the Fortnite Crew subscription and is definitely one of the best skins to arrive in Season 5.

Credit: YouTube/Broly

Snake Eyes

The popular G.I. Joe ninja is the latest addition to the game and has quickly risen to the top amongst this season’s best cosmetics.

Credit: YouTube/Meow Royale

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