The best weapons in Black Ops COld WAr Season One

From assault rifles that deal explosive damage, to SMGs that offer a surprising amount of mobility and fire rate, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has a huge arsenal. Here are some weapons that have been the most useful for players and made a name for themselves in Season One.  

Krig 6

The Krig-6 is arguably the best assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War. It might not have the best damage, but no weapon can match its precision. 

Credit: YouTube/Drift0r


The AK-47 makes this list primarily owing to its damage. With a manageable recoil, it is the most efficient assault rifle at mid-to-long ranges. 

Credit: YouTube/ExoGhost


The AK74-u is the ideal weapon for aggressive players. Unlike other SMGs, this weapon can deal explosive damage with a fast fire rate. 

Credit: YouTube/Drfit0r

LW3- Tundra

The LW3-Tundra is the best sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War. It can easily one-shot enemies from above the chest, which compensates for its slow reload time. 

Credit: YouTube/Drfit0r

Gallo SA12

Gallo SA12 has the best fire rate among all the shotguns in Black Ops Cold War. Players can easily hold positions and win close encounters with this weapon.



Even after several nerfs, the AUG is still one of the best weapons in the game. Fire this weapon in bursts to control its recoil.  

Credit: YouTube/KRGN Cozy

Stoner 63

The Stoner 63 is the best LMG in Black Ops Cold War. It has decent mobility, massive damage output, and great accuracy. 

Credit: YouTube/Drift0r

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