The Best Xbox, PlayStation, and PC Games Releasing In September 2021

September is the month where we get our hands on a lot of games. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to go on a wild ride! 

Pathfinder: Wrath of the righteous 

This time you get 10 new companions, who will be alongside you on your adventure. Also, you will get new tactical options to lead your own army. 

Credit: Wrath of the righteous 

Sonic colors: Ultimate 

You are going into the interstellar park of Dr. Eggman to rescue the mysterious wisps. Various mechanics like boosts and drifting are available along with fast pace 3D platforming. 

Credit: colors: Ultimate 

The artful escape 

The protagonist here goes on a psychedelic journey along with his music. Here you use your guitar to battle your foes. 

Credit: artful escape 

Lost in random 

You play board games in this game. Unleash the abilities through unique cards whether its explosives or barriers. 

Credit: in random 

NBA 2K22

Along with its launch the game is coming up with my careers introducing hip hop, fashion alternatives. You can also visit various events at various locations. 

Credit: 2K22

Tales of arise 

The protagonist goes on a journey teaming up with more of his kind, to recuse those who have been oppressed. 

Credit: of arise 


Kill all of your targets before midnight or the whole loop resets. Using a unique set of abilities, fire arms and much more get through with it. You also have to fight agent Juliana who is protecting the loop.


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