The Craziest Fortnite Seasons So far

The recent event of Araina Grande in Fortnite had a huge impact on its players in the latest season. Speaking of which, reminds us that there have been some other great things that have happened in the other previous Fortnite seasons. 

Fortnite Season 3

Chapter 3 is when Fortnite got a global recognition. This season gave people a storyline to follow, as well as skins of iconic characters like John Wick and the Dark Voyager. 


Fortnite Season 2

Season 2 welcomed Chug Jug, impulse grenades, and Cozy Campfires along with also adding the Red Knight skin. Due to this, the season saw a rise in the game's user growth.


Chapter 2 Season 5- Zero Point

This is where it all took a huge turn, the Chapter 2 Season 5 now had the Zero Point, which is the center of the current storyline.  This season actually introduced the unimaginable possibilities in Fortnite.


Chapter 2 Season 6

The latest season got Aliens in fortnite, along with the Spire which is now a major attraction on the map of fortnite.


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