The Dumbest Vehicles in GTA 5 Online

While playing GTA Online, have you ever had a question: why is this vehicle here in this game?? Well, if you had, here are a few more like it. These are the top 7 vehicles, which if you want, you can call them dumb. 


GTA calls it an all terrain vehicle, which actually exists in the real world as well, by the name of Sherp. It can even take you on water. 

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Inspired from the Back to the Future car, Deluxo is not a time travelling machine but instead a car taking flights and firing missiles. 

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Oppressor MK II

Another flying vehicle which isn't meant to fly. A flying motorbike. Its engine is overpowered which is why the driver couldn't take hold of its proper balance. 

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One of the slowest boats in the game. It's literally a Tug boat. Players have been clueless of its use since this vehicle got launched. 

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Ramp Buggy 

If you are a Fast n Furious fan, you'll recognise this vehicle instantly. But if you are an age old GTA online fan, you’ll actually sort of enjoy this vehicle, since it got launched in 2013 and was used very often by the players. 

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Ok, we have had jet packs before in GTA but this one has missiles. And you don't know where the missile fits in this one. 

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Well, this one is just a modern version of what the Wright brothers made back in 1903. It's a glider with a motor which makes it a plane, but it's still a glider. Cant be classified in either, Dumb!

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