the Most Anticipated Xbox Exclusives in 2021

After the E3's 2021 set, we assume that the upcoming Xbox game are a lot exclusive. Let's see what they have got for us, in their store. 

The outer world

The Outer Worlds 2 is currently in development for both PC and Xbox. It's the most early stage of development but the announcement trailer does vibe you from the inside.



Set in the retro themed game. This game is about an AI trapped in body, having some action in the metropolis city.


Stalker 2

This post apocalyptic shooter will again bring you into some Chernobyl and next generation experience.


Psychonauts 2

This game is much more weird than it's prequel, while also being funny and charming all at the same.


Forza Horizon 5

The most prettiest looking game of Xbox exclusive. You will get into the photorealistic skies and lighting.



You and your gang of four are out on a kill spree of vampires. Well, it's set within a cyberpunk theme.



A space exploration RPG from bethesda, nuff said! You are on a space exploration trip, outer in the known space


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