The Most Bizarre Twitch Bans of all time

Twitch has become a big platform on which you get a lot of streaming going on, with a variety of content. But getting banned here is as easy as uploading your video. Here are the top 7 banned Twitch streamers. 


After giving herself a break from Twitch, she got banned from Twitch for 24 hours. Strange that she fought with Twitch over this ban to get an extension for this same ban. 



He  got banned in 2019 for getting too drunk and also getting passed out live during the stream.  He got a suspension for seven days. 


Phantom Lord

This guy was banned for streaming himself on a site CS:GO shuffle. Seemingly rigging the results for himself while also without disclosing his involvement. 

Credit: lord

Zillion OP

He had always been in a wheelchair, which helped him raise thousands of dollars for his electric wheelchair. But one fine day, he started walking during a live stream, making his followers doubt him.

Credit: op


In her reply when asked about spreading the Covid-19 she said that she would spread covid because the world would be a better place without old and poor people. There you have it. 


Saw Karl

This guy got banned for firing a gun while being drunk during his live stream. 


Dr. Disrespect 

Well the most controversial ban of Dr. Disrespect.. All of a sudden the channel saw a permanent ban and still no one has any clue.

Credit: Disrespect 

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