The Most Boring Role Playing Games ever 

Games are often interesting, but sometimes a few are made with less content which wont keep you around it with interest. Here are the seven most boring Role Playing games.

The 7th saga

This childhood game seems like one interesting game but once you look closely, you will realize that this same game will make you lose your character in a much worse way if you grind yourself more into it. 

Credit: 7th saga

Chrono cross 

It is said that the only good thing this game has is its music. Also while talking about the surroundings, everything looks the same in this game. 

Credit: cross 


The Lufia series is really interesting but this one was a little different which made it boring. The previous instalments were much of a dragon quest while this one seemed to be a completely unbalanced and incomplete job.


Tales of Legendia 

This game was super slow. Your character is unbelievably slow and at the same time the dungeons are humongous which takes a lot of time to complete this game.   

Credit: of Legendia 

Atelier arland series 

 This game made the player craft smaller items, and if you had just one piece missing while in the procedure of making these items, you have to get back to the dungeon and get the specific material then start crafting again. 

Credit: arland series 

Xenosaga 2 

Again a game which does not fit in its series. The previous Xenosaga 1 and Xenosaga 3 were completely different and interesting while this one was much hated by its followers. 

Credit: 2 


The battles are all timed and talking about the other tasks, they are messy and convoluted. It will again take a lot of time just to get over the first stage.


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