Most disappointing games of 2021

We were really hyped for some of the games that launched this year, and most of them did really well. But a few also disappointed a lot of its audience. Let's check out the top 7 disappointing games of 2021. 

Werewolf The Apocalypse 

With a lot of cool looking aspects, this game had a lot of hopes. But there were animations like the characters talking and interacting with NPCs that seemed to have a lower budget. 

Credit: The Apocalypse 

 Taxi Chaos 

What seems to be an adaptation of Crazy Taxi, this one is much worse. It is just picking up your passengers and dropping them off at their destination. 

Credit: Taxi Chaos 

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection 

This does not make up for its previous versions. The previous Ninja Gaiden had an impact on many players but the Master Collection was made in a much linear way, which is not that great. 

Credit: Gaiden Master Collection 

Hood Outlaws and Legends

It's a stealth, heist competitive game, designed in a Robin Hood style. But if it's compared to that game, Robin Hood is much better than this one. 

Credit: Outlaws and Legends

Rust Console Edition 

This one game does not have any great graphics, with the gameplay being super awkward. The game also had several issues before its release. 

Credit: Console Edition 

Elite Dangerous 

Talking about Xenobiolgy people develop a high interest. But again this game does not deliver that much potential, plus the weapons are weak. 

Credit: Dangerous 

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance 

It does not have anything to do with its old versions. But this one is really tedious and while trying to have improvements, this one actually degraded itself.

Credit: and Dragons: Dark Alliance 

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