The Most Followed female Streamers on Twitch 

Twitch streaming has grown exponentially during the global pandemic and has propelled many streamers to greater heights. let's take a look at some of the most followed female streamers on the platform who are doing a fantastic job with their content to keep their fans entertained.

Pokimane- 7.5 million

To say the least, Pokimane is an inspiration for all the female creators on Twitch. From getting her own Fortnite emote, to being a top Valorant streamer, she has done it all. 


Loserfruit- 2.5 million

Loserfruit rose to prominence by playing Fortnite. She was one of the earliest content creators to become a Fortnite Icon, and is the only female creator in the celebrated list. 


Amouranth- 2.1 million

Amouranth is a livestreamer, a cosplayer, and a model, all at the same time. She was interested in creating costumes since her childhood, and has finally gained the support of millions around the world.  


LilyPichu- 2 million

LilyPichu and her League of Legends gameplays are very popular on Twitch. She is also a part of Offline TV, and often collaborates with other members of the group for playing Among Us. 


Chica- 1.8 million

Chica is a big patron of FPS games like Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War. She has been a part of reputed Esports organizations like TSM, and Luminosity Gaming.


Sweet_anita- 1.6 million

Sweet_anita is a huge Apex Legends fan, but also plays Among Us, Poker and Marbles on stream. Owing to the content diversity, and her 35 pets, Anita is one of the most interesting streamers on Twitch. 


Loeya-1.4 million

Counter Strike and Fortnite have helped Loeya in becoming one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. She is currently a part of FNATIC as a content creator, and also has a Epic Item Shop Bundle in Fortnite under her name. 


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