The Most Game-Breaking Cheats to use in GTA 5

Every Grand Theft Auto enthusiast would admit that the in-game cheats make one's life much more easier while doing all the difficult missions. As fans wait for GTA 6 to arrive, let us take a look at the most popular cheats from GTA 5 on the PC, Xbox, and Playstation.


The PAINKILLER cheat makes players invincible for 5 minutes in GTA 5. Therefore, after activating this cheat, players do not take any damage.


The TOOLUP cheat adds a set of weapons to the players' inventory that includes a pistol, shotgun, AR, sniper, grenade, RPG, and a knife.


GTA 5 players use the LAWYERUP cheat when being chased by the cops as the cheat code ends up lowering their wanted level by one star.


Each of the characters in GTA 5 have a special ability bar in the game which runs out after players use the ability. However, they can use the POWERUP cheat to fill that bar up again.


The HIGHEX cheat code in GTA 5 turns the ammo in weapons into explosives. Players can blow up everything they fire at after enabling this cheat.


The BUZZOFF cheatcode summons a Buzzard helicopter in GTA 5 and players can use it to escape tricky situations by flying away.


Just in case the chopper from the previous cheat is about to crash, players can quickly type SKYDIVE to obtain a parachute and save their lives.

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