The Most Iconic Fortnite Collabs of all time

Fortnite has gained much popularity and people and companies are actually getting themselves attached with this game. Let's have a look at which are the most popular collabs of all time. 


Marshmello has been a Fortnite player and later he also had a concert which promoted the skin.



This collab came with two skins, the Travis Scott one and the Astro Jack skin. New players got introduced to his music, while many fans of the game bought this skins.



Along with the Batman and Catwoman skin the famous Gotham City was introduced in the game. 


Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker

Star Wars' collab brought multiple characters including Rey, Kylo, Finn, and even the iconic stormtrooper. 


John Wick

The  John Wick skin was introduced in season 3. Not many people were able to unlock it, as Battle pass in season 3 was a tough task. 


Harley Quinn

One of the most popular skins, the Harley Quinn skin. There are a lot of fans of this one.


Borderlands 3

Borderlands actually got fit into the Fortnite world as the game temporarily adapted the art style of Borderlands in its map.


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