The Most Interesting Secret Locations in GTa 5

GTA being an interesting game it also has got a few secret places which you can explore and use them for hiding. Here are the top 7 secret places in GTA 5. 

Police Station 

This place is at waypoint 384ft, located underground, this Police station can be used to respawn if you are about to get busted.

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Construction site 

Situated at waypoint 945ft, you have to get to this construction site with the help of a parachute. While this whole building is super quiet and no one to disturb you. This Can be an easy spot to hide. 

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Airport bunker 

Another place which is unvisited and seems to have been abandoned is the Airport bunker at waypoint 315ft.

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Hedge wall breach 

At the property of hookies, this location is at waypoint 853ft. What seems to be a good and rich locality, this property has got the garden area to hide and shoot in plain sight. 

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Secret garage 

If you are being chased by the cops and have to hide, this location might be the one. Close the shutter and you get enough time to reload your weapons. 

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Aircraft carrier 

At waypoint 6263ft you need to get to this point with the help of a boat, because it's right in the middle of the ocean, which is why it's another best place to explore. 

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Prison guard tower 

This one is one of the best trips if you need some adrenaline pumps. Get into this prison and give a real fight to the guards and cops.


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