Richest Fortnite Players in the World

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has managed its way up amongst the most popular games in the world.  Accordingly, its players have grown with time. Here are the top 7, most earning, richest Fortnite players. 


The summer of 2019 Fortnite World Cup was the biggest tournament in the history of Esports. The winner of this tournament was Kyle Giersdorf a.k.a Bugha. Bugha is the best Fortnite player in the world, who has earned up to $3 million in a tournament.



Aqua, real name David Wang, comes from the hardest region to gain success at the highest level. During the World Cup, he has won the final 2 games to get a treasure of $1.5 million in the Duo World Cup, with Nyrox. 



Shane Cotton a.k.a EpikWhale has earned over $1.5 million from tournaments in Fortnite. As of 2021, he comes at number 3 on the list of highest-paid Fortnite players in the world and also is the only player from the North American West region to be in the top 10.



Having the gamer ID by Zayt, Williams Aubin is regarded as one of the best leaders and smartest minds when it comes to Fortnite. Zayt has an income of $1.1 million.



Saf one of the best mechanical Fortnite players in the world, having perfect building and editing skills. Rocco Morales has over $1 million in earnings from Fortnite. 



Popular bby the name of Bizzle, Tim Miller has an earning of around $623k and is an OG competitive player. He is considered as the World’s best Fortnite gamers since he stepped in competitions from the summer of 2018.



The king of content, Kyle Jackson who is popular by the name of Mongraal in Europe. Because of his immense popularity and success as a pro player, this beast has earnings of approx $604k.


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