The Saddest deaths in call of duty history

We all are into Call of Duty, the guns, the war and the missions; everything has entertained us a lot. But there are the deaths as well, here are the top 10 saddest deaths in Call of Duty. 

Alex Mason

This is an optional death, but the fact that he is killed by his own best friend is so terrible.


Dimitri Petrenko

The death of Dimitri Petrenko is a lot infuriating. He plays like an actual warrior but then in the end jumps aboard the BO train and dies like a lamb to slaughter. 


Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson 

His death happens because of his own ally. Shepard, who has been on your side the entire game, kills you by shooting your character in the chest. 


John ‘Soap’ MacTavish

All of the big fans of Call of Duty know that the death of Soap gave everyone a moment of shocking silence. 



The final stand he had as well as the sacrifice he made to make sure you escaped is a step that is taken by a real hero.


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