the Worst Nintendo games of all time 

Most of the Nintendo games have been loved for ages and also their franchise has a huge fan following. But somewhere in the time, it has to crash and one game in some franchise has also been the most hated.

Super Mario Run 

 This game does not allow you to have a control on mario's lateral movements. Instead it's way boring where you just have to tap the mobile screen and make him jump. Well there are already a lot of games that cover these controls. 

Credit: Mario Run 

Metroid  Other M 

Metroid Other M has got a lot of cut scenes and is not too good when it comes to playing it.  Another reason why it's hated is the reason you are stuck to just the Wii remote. 

Credit:  Other M 

 Zelda: Skyward Sword 

Here you have to just use the system's motion controls, which limits your gameplay. Also its mechanics seem way too old. 

Credit: Zelda: Skyward Sword 

Donkey Konga Series 

The game has to be played with a drum controller, which is ofcourse the Kongos. It is almost like playing guitar hero but worse. 

Credit: Konga Series 

Fire Emblem Heroes 

Another mobile game after Mario Run, is this one. In this game there is no real story and you just have to keep fighting your enemies. 

Credit: Emblem Heroes 

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse

Here you have a stylus with which you have to complete the whole game. Also you can't play this game on a small screen. 


Game and Wario 

 The game can be only played with the gamepad. This gamepad does not let the players enjoy the game to the fullest as it does not have motion controls.

Credit: and Wario 

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