the Worst strategy games of all time

When you enter a pit you are often with a thought to conquer using your best strategies and tactics. Well in these games, even if you use your best skills you'd still get bored. These are the 7 worst strategy games. 


This one tried to go against Halo Wars but the plan failed with great numbers. The game is said to have no development at all. 


A Game of Throne Genesis 

This game can be compared to that of Rock Paper Scissor battle and that's it. Do not let the title fool you at all. 

Credit: game of throne genesis 

Beyond the law: the third wave

 Beyond the law: the third wave is just Commando's primitive version. The execution and design are so dull that you will just call it the worst game ever. 

Credit: the law


This one can be called as a game which looks like an unreleased beta copy with a lot of bugs. 


Pirates of black cove 

The game has got vibrant visuals which are great but it also has got repetitive gameplay. There's no real threat which will keep you stuck to this game.

Credit: of black cove 

Warhammer 40,000: storm of vengeance 

This is a lame tower defence game, which is totally unworthy of carrying the warhammer 40k title. 


Left behind: eternal forces

 Here you have to convert all the antichrist around you, and in your city into a good christian and person. Well,  that's all the game has got to give you.

Credit: behind: eternal forces

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