Worst properties to buy in GTA Online

Today we have got you a list of seven worst properties you shouldn't buy in GTA Online. Let's check them out. 

Elysian Nightclub 

This location is at most far south. If you are planning to build up your sales, this property will be an obstacle as you will be going in the opposite direction from this nightclub, for your sales.

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

Elysian warehouse

You cannot deliver vehicles here easily as this property again is in the far south. Getting here is really one hectic job. 

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

Medium warehouse 

If you are into small sales just buy a small warehouse or if into, even a bit larger sales directly go for a large warehouse. Buying a medium warehouse will do nothing but hurt your pockets. 

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

Reservoir facility 

The entrance is bad and far, you have to circle the mountain also its way costlier, costing almost 3 million. 

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

LSIA Hangar 

You are buying it as your hide site? don't go for it. It's based in the city where a majority of players are present, who could easily catch you and kill you. 

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

Lombank Office 

It's just costly because it is tall? Makes no sense at all. There are much better properties for the same use, available in the nearby location, for less price. 

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

Cypress Warehouse 

This place is in the bottom right corner of the city. Also if you think it's right off the highway, well it's not. You need to make a long U turn to reach this place.

Credit: youtube.com/GTA Online

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