These Fortnite Theories will make you question everything

The fortnite storyline is the new attraction for all the gamers these days. To crack down what's going to happen, these are the six theories which somehow predict the future in fortnite.

Past is the future

This might happen that the mothership will become the vault in future. It might become that same vault from chapter one, as it has a lot of similar features like The Vault in it. 


Kevin The Cube

If the aliens are planning to bring back the Zero point, there will be Kevin. As Kevin the cube is darkness to the light of Zero point.


DC Season 

SPOILER ALERT! If you are a fan of Fortnite comics and haven't read the latest Batman adventure, skip this one. Slone has joined hands with Lex Luther, and has made a new rift in metropolis this time. 


Alien Queen, Singularity 

You can see the helmet of singularity from chapter one season nine, inside the vault of the mother ship. 


Jonesy Returns 

It might happen that the foundation will come back and we will finally be able to know who exactly is geno. And what's going on with the sisters. 


7 realities

This is something from Loki. There are seven realities, which makes each member of the seven the same person from different variations of the world. 


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