Toughest Video Game bosses of All Time

Many roleplaying games are extremely popular for their difficulty. What makes these games difficult are the carefully curated bosses who are hard to beat. Let us take a look into the toughest video game bosses of all time.

Senator Armstrong

Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the toughest out of the already tough bosses from the title and requires absolute patience to defeat.

Credit: Reaper


Sans is the primary antagonist that pops up during the Genocide Route of popular roleplaying game Undertale and keeps players on their feet.

Credit: Moriya

Orphan of Kos

The Old Hunter DLC from Bloodborne introduced the hardest boss to the game in the form of the Orphan of Kos who was a threat from any distance.

Credit: Fight Database


While a Final Fantasy boss primarily, Sephiroth shows his toughest form in Kingdom Hearts with a range of blocks and counter-attacks.

Credit: Fight Database

The Nameless King

This list would have been incomplete without a Dark Souls boss and The Nameless King is the hardest one of them showing up in the third edition of the franchise.



The Destiny 1 boss came as a part of the House of Wolves expansion and was so hard to defeat even with a team of players that the developers had to nerf him.


Absolute Virtue

Chains of Promathia expansion of Final Fantasy XI introduced a boss players would take hours to fight and still not defeat. Eventually, he got a nerf as well as a 2-hour time limit.


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