Alexander Volkanovski’s Coach Reveals a ‘Depressing’ Incident That Almost Led to the Retirement of “The Great”

Volkanovski is an Australian mixed martial artist and is the current UFC Featherweight Champion. His coach recently shed a light on one of the depressive incidents of his life. What is it? Let's find out.

UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski is all set to fight another champion, Islam Makhachev, at UFC 284. But before the fight, Volkanovski's coach made a big revelation about him.


In an interview with Submission Radio, Volkanovski‘s coach, Joe Lopez recalled an incident that cost Volkanovski his UFC debut.

What Did Lopez Reveal?

He revealed the incident that took place before UFC Brisbane, in March 2016. Lopez expressed that the fight card was headlined by Mark Hunt and because Volkanovski had an event the day before the camp decided to schedule the AFC fight against Jamie Mullarkey. Lopez later revealed that the camp was hopeful of someone getting hurt on the UFC card in order to substitute the Wollongong-born fighter.

Joe Lopez also revealed that there was a management company that wanted to manage Volkanovski‘s but Lopez and the camp turned it down.

What Did Lopez Do?

Lopez told that this was the reason why the featherweight kingpin missed his spot on the card. He said, “And Alex, you know, I guess we’re anybody. You get depressed and you know, he thought about chucking it in.”

Lopez on Volkanovski’s ‘Depressive’ Incident

“Alex lost that opportunity and you know, I guess anybody would be, you know. I was pissed off. Alex is pretty heartbroken, you know. This was our chance to get in,” he added.

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