Best Conor McGregor TUF Moments

The Irishman is famous for his incredible moves and trash talks. He always succeeds in giving a great show to his audience, some of it can be seen while he was at The Ultimate Fighter.

Both Urijah Faber and McGregor had something to say about each other, but things got worse when Faber jokingly asked the Irishman about his "high heels".

Faber vs. McGregor Clash 


The Irishman climbed up the octagon boundary to celebrate Lobov's win after he landed a hard-hitting move on his opponent.

Lobov vs. Jenkins 


Cody Garbrandt and McGregor were involved in a scuffle after Cody decided to defend his teammate Dillashaw who was being trash-talked.

Garbrandt vs. McGregor Scuffle 


McGregor ripped his pants on the ultimate fighter while celebrating Artem's win. He later went on to have a face-off with Jose Aldo and recorded it in his ripped trousers.

Ripping His Pants


McGregor joked about Faber's dressing sense and advised him to dress like his age.

On Dressing Up


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