Books that the UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Recommends

Joe Rogan is an avid book reader but more than reading manually he prefers to go for audiobooks and do multitask. From mentioning his favorites to his best recommendations, here are the top five books that Rogan highly recommends people to read.

Stealing Fire

The book is written by Steven Kotler is not only a national better but one of Rogan’s top books to read. Rogan took to his Instagram to recommend this book and wrote, “An excellent book on the power of meditation and alternate states of consciousness on performance."

The War of Art

This book is written by Steven Pressfield and is highly recommended by the UFC commentator.

Food of the Gods

This book by Terence McKenna, according to JRELibrary is Rogan's favorite book. McKenna, who is the book author was an ethnobotanist and psychonaut who had a great influence on Rogan's viewpoints regarding psychedelics and consciousness.

Can’t Hurt Me

This book is written by David Goggins and is highly recommended by the UFC commentator. Rogan took to his Instagram and wrote, “This book will change your f--king life. @davidgoggins. It’s time to go to war with yourself.”


The UFC commentator recommended the book 'Tribe' written by Sebastian Junger and called it “f--king epic” and told his followers that he “can't recommend it enough.”

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