Brutal Slap Fighting Videos 

Slap fighting has made its way into the sport and the excitement and fear associated with it is justified. Two competitors standing face to face to make the most brutal slap of their life, let's dig in to find a few of the most brutal slap-fighting videos.

A video from the RXF's slap-fighting tournament shows Alexandru Gorczyca slapping Sorin Comsa extremely hard in the face. It can be seen in the video the serious damage that it caused leaving the left side of Comsa's face swollen with blood.


In another alarming clip, Kortney Olson got knocked out by Sheena Bathory. The video shows Olson's eyes rolling back and when she tried to get back up she ended up falling into a forward roll.


In another video, Chris Thomas brutally knocked out his opponent Chris Kennedy. Kennedy’s body got all tensed up as he fell to the floor. As per the reports, he even suffered short-term memory loss because of the slap.


As per the sources, another video features a brutal competition between Leon vs. Christopher Thomas in which Leon ends up on the floor after being hit by Thomas.


Another video shows from a Russian slap competition shows the opponent giving his ultimate shot which left the other man to lose his balance.


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