Five Times Colby Covington Broke Character and Exposed His True Self

Besides being one of the most dominant UFC welterweight contenders, Colby Covington is well-known for being mean through his trash-talk. However, there is a lesser-known side of 'Chaos' that has not been witnessed by many. Here, we take a look at five moments where Colby Covington broke his character.

Opens Up About
Being Bullied

In one of his old interviews, Covington talks about how being bullied helped him decide to be a fighter. 

'Chaos' Advising a Fan

When a fan asked for some advice on how to be a good fighter, Covington had some inspirational words to say.

Covington Has a Certain
Set of Rules

Despite being an ardent trash-talker, Covington vows to never cross some lines.

Covington Apologizes to
Joe Rogan

During the build-up of his fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225, Covington trash-talked about Rogan. However, in an interview, he publicly apologized to Rogan for the same.

Covington on Every
MMA Fighter

'Chaos' being honest about the mindset of every UFC and MMA fighter in general.

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