From Helping His Family to Buying Himself A Condo: Here's How The MMA GOAT Georges St-Pierre Spent His First $1 Million

The MMA GOAT, Georges St-Pierre, has earned an enormous amount of money during his illustrious MMA career in the UFC. Usually, every fighter indulges in luxury upon receiving their first million. However, St-Pierre's case is a little different from other fighters. Here is how 'Rush' spent his first $1 Million which he earned from UFC.

Paid His Parents' Debt

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports

St-Pierre wanted to thank his parents for supporting his MMA career and doing everything they could since he was a child. So, the first thing 'GSP' spent his money on was for paying all of his parents’ debt, which was a sum of $50,000. He considers this as the most beautiful and one of the best days of his life.


The cars that 'GSP' and his parents had would break down regularly. So, he bought his parents two Japanese cars from Toyota, worth $40,000. Meanwhile, he loves SUVs, so he bought a Nissan Xterra worth $20,000 for himself. 

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports

Helped His Family
and Friends 

St-Pierre's sister wanted to pursue her education and get a master's degree. So, he spent $10,000 to make her sister’s dreams come true. Meanwhile, he also spent $50,000 on gifts to help his family and another $30,000 to help his friends.

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports

Traveling and Training

'Rush' traveled a lot around the world to learn new skills for his MMA career. He spent $200,000 of his first $1 Million on just his traveling for training.

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports


‘GSP’ spent $500,000 to buy a Condo for himself. However, the Condo that he bought needed a renovation. So, he spent another $100,000 on the renovation.

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports

Jacuzzi, Ice Bath, and Dinosaur Fossils

To help his body recuperate after several rigorous training sessions, St-Pierre bought a Jacuzzi and an Ice Bath, on which he spent $20,000. Being an avid Dinosaur fossils collector, 'GSP' spent $20,000 on several fossils, including a Megalodon tooth and a Mosasaurus jaw.

Video Credits: YouTube/GQ Sports

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