Joe Rogan on Howard Stern and His Evolution Towards Being ‘Woke’

The UFC color commentator never shies away from exploring topics that are usually never picked upon. From having a huge fan following to hosting a top trending podcast, let's see what subject he picked this time.

Rogan recently spoke about Howard Stern's behavioral changes on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.


Joe Rogan recently sat down along with Shane Gillis and Matt McCusker of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” for the 'JRE' podcast and discussed various subjects like society and Stern’s dramatic decline.

What is the Issue?

The 'JRE' host shared his opinion on Stern and said, “Look — what he did — I mean, look, people to this day, they make fun of Howard Stern cause of who he is now and the way he behaves now. That guy’s the man."

What Did Rogan Say About Stern?

He further added, “He was the f*cking pioneer — when he was the king of all media and he was telling everybody to suck his d*ck. And the FCC was going after him. The government was fining him. They were fining his businesses, f*cking millions of dollars. And he was out there doing wild shit on the radio. And now he’s woke".

The UFC color commentator later pointed out Stern for his changed behavior and explained why he is no longer relevant to today’s culture. He expressed that Stern made his career mocking the industries of which he is now a big part of.

Rogan Pointed Out Stern 

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