Paddy Pimblett's Training Routine & Diet Plan for his Next Fight against Jordan Leavitt at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett is all set for a lightweight fight against Jordan Leavitt for the UFC’s July event in London. His fans are all aware of his love for food but here's what Pimblett's training and diet look like ahead of his upcoming fight.

Training Routine 

Pimblett's focus is on improving his jiu-jitsu techniques accompanied by wrestling and boxing.

Weight Training 

'The Baddy' performs heavy weight training exercises to build and strengthen his core muscles.


He normally eats nearly 6000 calories during his off-training period. But Pimblett's diet mainly consists of eating clean and discarding junk. He has trimmed nearly 30lbs to meet the weight category 156lb limit for his next bout against Leavitt. 


'The Baddy' performs cardiovascular activities to maintain his endurance along with his calorie deficit diet.

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