Upcoming characters in Genshin Impact 

Genshin Impact offers a wide range of characters that belong to distinct elements and boast unique skills. The game already has over 30 playable characters, and the upcoming updates will further add some great names to this list such as Kazuha, Baizhu, and Dansleif, among others. 


Scaramouche was the anatognist of the Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact. Ever since, players have been eagerly waiting for him. He belongs to the Inazuma region. 

Credit: YouTube/Nightin Gaming


Signora is the No.8 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. She first appeared in the Act 3 of the Prologue, and had attacked Venti and the Traveler alongside Fatui agents. 

Credit: YouTube/SourGripes


Dansleif is arguably the strongest, and most mysterious character in Genshin Impact. Players first witnessed him fighting the Abyss Herald, but his elements and weapon type are currently unknown. 

Credit: YouTube/Painmon 


Baizhu is currently a NPC in Genshin Impact, but might become a playable character soon. He has a talking pet, a white snake, that rests on his shoulders. 

Credit: YouTube/Richard Yamato 


Kamisato Ayaka was playable during the closed beta, and will make her way to Genshin Impact with the Inazuma update. The five-star character belongs to the Cryo element, and uses a sword. 

Credit: YouTube/Rz Kanigara


Kazuha is an Anemo five-star character that might arrive in Genshin Impact with the 1.6 update. Not a lot is known about their role in the storyline at the moment, but it safe to assume Kazuha will create chaos with her unique abilities. 

Credit: YouTube/UviGamer

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