Everything You Need To Know About Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez's On And Off Relationship With Former President Donald Trump

Trump has had a combative relationship with the Yankees and Rodriguez in the past, at least in the media. Let's have a look at the whole story.



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Trump's not so good review on A-Rod

Trump, a longtime Yankees fan, said in a 2012 radio interview that he was never a fan of Rodriguez’s -- either as a player or person -- citing an unspecified “bad experience” he had with A-Rod when he lived in Trump’s Park Avenue building.


Trump said A-Rod should be dropped

"A-Rod must be dropped in the Yankees line-up tonight if they want to win. He simply can't perform."

Trump Said A-Rod is bad for the Yankees

"The biggest problem with A-Rod is he is bad for the chemistry of the Yankees— he must go."

When Trump compared A-Rod to Derek Jeter

 “We love Derek. That’s not an A-Rod statement; it’s a Derek statement.”

How did A-Rod respond to that

When A-Rod was asked to respond to the ridiculous attempt at creating controversy where none existed, Rodriguez merely said, with a smile, “Just baseball.”

Rodriguez Spotted at a Wedding With Donald Trump

The two attended a wedding at the Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida. However, Rodriguez chose not to feature the former President on his personal handles. Instead, posting a selfie, geo-tagging the location as being ‘Palm Beach Bath and Tennis Club’. Fans, however, were quick to put two and two together, and surmised that the star was also spotted with the former president in the same attire as the picture he had posted.


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