8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Disclosed the Amount of Money He Spent on Bodybuilding Competitions During His Career

When we heard the name Ronnie Coleman, the first thing that's come to our mind is, King. Indeed, he's the King of bodybuilding and the Mr. Olympia with most number of wins. Do you know how much he spent for Mr. Olympia preparation?

How much Ronnie Coleman spent on Mr. Olympia preparation? 

"I have spent like, $20000."

How much Ronnie Coleman Spent after winning 1st Mr. Olympia?

"When I started winning, you know I have a twist in it. Then $50000"

Ronnie Coleman said about the money he got from Mr. Olympia?

Heading 2

"I got $110000 that is normal. I made the money from endorsement."

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