After Becoming Snowboarding Queen Chloe Kim Has Been Challenging Iconic Careers' Of Tiger Woods, Serena Williams And Others 

Chloe Kim is aiming higher with dreams of becoming a Fortnite champion soon. The two-time Olympic gold medalist, fresh off her victory in Beijing, wants to become the best. The best part is, that she challenged the iconic career of the legendary sports entities.

Chloe Kim said she's coming for Tiger Woods

“My boyfriend’s a big golfer, and we kind of started going together, And I’m kind of, like, talented at it. Like, I don’t know any golfers, but like Tiger Woods needs to watch himself.”

Chloe Kim challenged Serena Williams

 ”And tennis, tennis, I’m a tennis star. Serena, I’m coming for ya.”

Chloe Kim added

Heading 2

”I’ve declared war on these two people. I just know I’m good at these sports.”

Chloe Kim wants to be a better fortnite player than her boyfriend Evan Berley

“I personally love games like Mario Kart, but I really do want to become good at Fortnite because it looks like so much fun. When my boyfriend plays, he gets so into it and I lose him for hours. I’ll start my training soon to become the best Fortnite player in the world,” 

Chloe Kim Net Worth comparison with Serena Williams and Tiger Woods

40-year-old Serena and 46-year-old Tiger Woods have years of experience against 21-year-old Chloe Kim. American golfing legend, Tiger, has a net worth of around $800 million, while Serena Williams has a net worth of $200 million. Young Olympian, Chloe Kim, has a current net worth of $500 thousand. While her net worth is still rising, Chloe is too young against the legends.

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