“Are You Trying To Make Me Look Bad?”: Bruce Lee’s Infamous Spat Once Ended Hong Kong’s Most Successful Actor-Director Partnership

Bruce Lee breezed through an array of side gigs; be it trying his hand at dubbing or establishing and running a karate school business. He even taught Kung Fu in college. However, his final attempt to expand his boundaries was his mission to be a director. Even though he shined as an esteemed actor, he still wanted to dabble in directing. This once got him into serious trouble. 

Lo Wei is a legendary director

Lo Wei launched the movie careers of both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, in The Big Boss and Fists of Fury respectively.

When Wei replaced Lee

After Lee had suggested changes in Lo Wei's script, Wei had him replaced by Jimmy Wang  Yu. Lee felt utterly embarrassed. Days after the mishap, he contacted Lo Wei to enquire about the abrupt change. “I never said I didn’t want to do the film… Are you trying to make me look bad?” he said.

Lee tried to convince Lo Wei

“I think you switching me out for Wang means you’re a ‘low gamble,’  Lee told Wei. To which Wei replied “This won’t do. You think you can just ignore me for weeks. I have already promised someone else. I can’t just switch again now. How does that make me look?”

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