Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Andre The Giant: Who Is Stronger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction. The legacy he created in the bodybuilding world is something untouchable. But, is he stronger than the former WWE wrestler Andre The Giant?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andre The Giant height comparison

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 6'2 and Andre The Giant is giant like his name stands 7'4. 1 foot 2 inches taller than Schwarzenegger.

Body measurement comparison between Arnold and Andre The Giant

Arnold's body measurement is 48-34-18, and Andre's measurement is 71-36-21.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger stronger than Andre The Giant?

Heading 2

In his prime, before Acromegaly ravaged his body, Andre was much stronger than Arnold and was probably stronger than all except the most elite weightifters, and that's probably because Andre never trained seriously with weights.

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