Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Son Joseph Baena's Arm Workout: How Is It Different?

Joseph Baena has been following in his famous father's footsteps in more ways than one. In addition to pursuing a career as an actor, Baena is also taking some cues from his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger in the gym. However, they have different arm workouts.

Joseph Baena's workout

Joseph's workout includes dumbbell skull crushers, straight leg barbell curls,triangle bar tricep extensions, E3 cable bar curls, rope tricep extensions, alternating dumbbell curls, preacher curls, and bodyweight dips.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's arm workout

Arnold's workout includes Cheating Barbell Curl, Incline Dumbbell Curl, One-Arm Concentration Curl, Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl.

Arnold's arm size compare to Joseph Baena

Heading 2

Joseph has 21 inches biceps that are one inch lesser than Schwarzenegger.

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