From New York Mets to Minnesota Twins- Top 5 most disappointing MLB teams in 2021

MLB fans have been watching some of the most intense battles in the history of MLB in 2021. However, some teams were a huge disappointment. Let's have a look at the teams that had a bad year. 

Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks had a collapse after May, including a 17-game losing streak.

Washington Nationals

There was hope for Nationals to make a good run this season with their star players. But the team faced injuries.

Minnesota Twins 

Twins won back-to-back AL Central titles from 2019-20.  But things did not go well for them this year as they faced severe injuries. 

San Diego Padres

San Diego started the season by being a challenge for the Dodgers. But things went south for them as they went out of the playoff picture entirely.

New York Mets

Hopes were high for the Mets, but they performed mediocrely in the NL East in August and slowly went worse. 

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