Bodybuilding Brothers Try Their Hands On Dwayne Johnson's Crushing Black Adam Workout

Buff Dudes Workouts, the popular YouTube channel, shared a video in 2021, where the two brothers tried performing the famous Black Adam workout popularized by Dwayne Johnson. In particular, the bodybuilding brothers, Brandon and Hudson, tried their hands at Johnson’s chest and tricep routine.

Buff Dudes imitate Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

In this video posted by the Buff Dudes, they try doing the 20-minute quick workout routine created by Dwayne Johnson for his currently grossing film ‘Black Adam’; this includes giant sets of 4 exercises. The chest workout comprises 3 sets each of 10 flys, chest press, incline press, and bodyweight dips to failure.

Credit- Buff Dudes Workouts/YouTube

What Brandon said on it

“Three compound movements back to back, starting off with an isolation movement for pre-exhaustion, is a very intense pairing of exercises to hit all the different angles.”

These workouts have been kept short

Heading 2

These workouts have been kept short, as Johnson needs to get over with them quickly, considering his busy schedule. 

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