“Carry Me All the Way Outside…” WWE Giant Punished Arnold Schwarzenegger Publicly After He ‘Pissed’ Him Off With His Oversmart Act

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary bodybuilder, is famous for his mastery of the sport. Back in the day, fans and followers were fanatical about his perfectly toned, muscular body. The seven-time Mr. Olympia champion didn’t lose his fandom even after switching to acting. Instead, the number of Arnold supporters grew massively.

Who carried Arnold Schwarzenegger?

He's none other than former WWE wrestler Andre The Giant. 

Why was Arnold Schwarzenegger carried by the Giant?

According to the post, the WWE Giant always paid for his meals regardless of anything. Once the three of them were dining together and Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to pay for the food. Suddenly, he found himself being lifted by Andre, who then carried him to a car. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirm it's true

Heading 2

“I can confirm this story is basically true, it is missing Wilt Chamberlain’s involvement, which was never paying and then acting like he had planned to pay this time, and helping Andre carry me all the way outside to drop me on a car.

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