Decoding The Truth Behind Arnold Schwarzenegger Sleeping Outside A Hotel

An image of Arnold Schwarzenegger is being shared widely on social media with a claim that he slept in front of his statue because he was denied a room in the hotel once inaugurated by him. Do you think it's true?

About Arnold Schwarzenegger's post

Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping in the street under his bronze statue and sadly wrote: “How times have changed.”

Hotel management statement to Arnold when he was governor

“at any time you can come and get a room reserved for you.”

When Arnold left his post as governor

Heading 2

When Arnold left his post as governor and went to the hotel, management refused to provide him with a room, demanding payment, since their hotel was in high demand.

Truth behind this story

A viral photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger tells a sob story about the actor-turned-governor. But in reality, the photo was a joke, and it was debunked years ago.

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