everything you need to know about Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were an iconic couple when they were together. Let's have a look at the complete timeline of their relationship. 

First Meeting 

The two first meet at a baseball game in New York, in 2005. Lopez was married to Marc Anthony back then. 

Fast-forward 12 years

Rumors came in about the two dating for a week in March 2017. Alex also confirms the rumors. 

Met Gala 

Heading 2

In May 2017, the pair made their carpet debut as a couple.

1st Anniversary

The two celebrated their 1st anniversary in February 2018.


After their two year relationship, the couple announced their engagement in March, 2019.

Break Up

Sadly, on April 2021, the couple officially announced their breakup. The couple said, “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so.” 

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