Facts About Simone Biles That Prove She's the GOAT in More Ways Than One

25-year-old Simone Biles has achieved great heights in her career. With 32 Olympic and World Championship medals. THere's why she's the GOAT

Simone Biles once competed with a kidney stone

Despite leading Team USA to gold at the 2018 gymnastics world championships in Doha, Simone was suffering severe pain from a kidney stone. Though she'd been admitted to the hospital before the meet, she'd left without passing the stone, which she lovingly nicknamed the "Doha Pearl" due to its size.

Simone Biles has ADHD and she overcomes

During an interview with Understood, a nonprofit organization that provides online resources for ADHD, Simone explained that she has never let her ADHD hinder her and the way we frame learning disabilities can make all the difference for young children.

Simone Biles Fight through lot of pains

Heading 2

 "Pain is just something I live with and that is pretty odd for my age, right? It feels weird if I'm not in pain,"

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