From Joe DiMaggio to Wayne Gretzky- Most Outstanding Statistical Accomplishments in Us Sporting History

The most incredible, statistical-outlier accomplishment in U.S. major sports history from basketball to baseball players. 

Wilt Chamberlain

Basketball star Wilt averaged 50 points/game and 40 shots. Notably, it was thirty percent higher than all-time number 2. 

Wayne Gretzky

 Ice Hockey icon, Wayne Gretzky has 700 more career assists (or 57% more) than the number two assists leader.

Joe DiMaggio

Heading 2

Baseball legend, Dimaggio's 56-game hit streak is 25% longer than number two.

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan has a record of 7 no-hitters, the number two has four. 

Babe Ruth 


Babe Ruth's 1920s incredible run  has to be up there for major consideration. He smashed 714 home run in his career.

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