Gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles Makes An Unusual Appeal To Fans About Her Health

Simone Biles has raised the proverbial bar for gymnasts everywhere. Standing at just 4'8, the small but strong phenom has been hailed as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Her diet played biggest role in her Olympic success. Yet, celebrities are normal human like us, and she does party as weel. This time she came up with an ironic demand.

What was Simone Biles's demand to fan?

"One like= One prayer for our livers this weekend"

Simone Biles added

"Greatly appreciated"

About Simone Biles's health

Heading 2

Nothing to worry. Simone Biles is totally fine. It was just a humor she showed up via Instagram story while doing party with her friends.

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