Here are the top exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger used to build his 22-Inch arms

A bodybuilder’s arms are their calling card. You could make a case for other muscles being more important in the eyes of a judge at a physique show, but nothing drops jaws and turns heads like a pair of thick and muscular arms. The same goes with Schwarzenegger.

Barbell curl

The barbell curl is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite exercises. He performs them standing up, keeping his elbows close to his sides.

Dumbbell Curl

This is another classic exercise that Arnold Schwarzenegger swears by. The dumbbell curl is an effective single-joint exercise for working one arm at a time to increase the size of your biceps. This exercise, which may be done seated or standing, is popular among gym enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Concentration Curl

Heading 2

In a standing position, bend over slightly and take a dumbbell in one hand. Rest your free arm on your knee or other stationary object to stabilize you.

Overhead extension

Arnie's take on the dumbbell overhead press recruits all three sections of your deltoids. Arnold really feels that overhead extension is one of the most effective exercise. 

Triceps press down

Switching to rope handles for your press-down helps intensify the contraction at the bottom of the move because the extra flexibility means you can adjust your grip at that point. 

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