Here's Everything You Need To Know About 8 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Ronnie Coleman's Battle With 13 Surgeries

Ronnie Coleman has had 13 surgeries until now. Most of his money went into operations due to serious spinal problems. Let's have a look at the whole story.

The intense workouts took a toll on his body

Ronnie is known for his size, conditioning, and extreme workouts. However, the intense workouts took a toll on his body, leading to several injuries and surgeries after retirement.

What Ronnie Coleman said on his surgery

“Nothing, nothing. I’m going to do chiropractic. I’ve been doing chiropractic all my life. So, I didn’t, you know, have surgery or nothing like that when I herniated disc. They offered me to have surgery… I told no.”

Ronnie Coleman added

Heading 2

"I used to be able to bend over and do all these crazy stretches. I can’t do that no more.”

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